The Value of Blood in the Esoteric, Occult and Spiritual World

Since the first time stories began to be written, the association between blood and spirituality was made. The ancients gave so much importance to this red liquid, that cults were opened, where animals and humans would be sacrificed for different deities. 

Blood is Life

We can assume that blood is much more valuable than just transporting food to our cells or oxygenating the body. This liquid, which is most abundant in our body, can save another person's life when transplanted correctly. 

We can understand that blood is life as well, knowing that in mythology it is alluded to that a vampire survives by drinking it, not so much because it contains nutrients or red blood cells, but because it contains the energy of life in essence. 

Blood Types

There are four types of blood in the human being: Group-A, Group-B, Group AB-Group-O, and positive and negative Rhesus factors. 

Here we are not going to talk about medicine, but about the mystical part of this vital liquid.

Group A is the most abundant on earth, a little less group B, then a little scarcer is group AB and group O is already the rarest. The positive Rhesus factor is more common compared to the negative one. 

Why do we talk about this? Because it is important for us to point out not only the need to know each group for the correct transfusion of blood if the case requires it, but also that people with a certain group and Rhesus, have certain mistical peculiarities. 


It is believed and said that aristocrats are blue blooded, and try to maintain their lineage at all costs, as this distinguishes them from the masses of people they consider inferior to them. In keeping with tradition they must marry their relatives, constantly falling into incestuous attitudes. Moreover, because the blood of the aristocrats would be that of the ORh-type, exactly that of the reptilian type, or this what some writings of the ufological and mythological researches reveal. 


ORH- blood refers to the fact that, unlike other blood groups, this blood does not contain a ape genome (rehus in Greek), and is a universal donor, however, incompatible with other blood groups when it comes to receiving blood of type A, B, or AB. A mother with ORH- generates antibodies against her fetus with positive blood factor of any group, as if it were of another species. CRAZY !!!!

Extraterrestrials Abductions

Corrado Malanga made reference that most of the people who claim to have been abducted by extraterrestrials, are of group ORH-.

Extraterrestrials Abductions

Blood Rites

Regardless of its group, blood has significant importance for spiritual, religious, magical and esoteric rites; as we have said before, this liquid contains very particular energetic properties, essence of life itself. 

From the Holy Gospel according to Mark 14, 12-16. 22-26: Jesus said: ... "This is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many. Truly I tell you, I will drink no more of the produce of the vine until the day when I drink it new in the kingdom of God." 


It is known that some sects or religious deviations, lodges and satanic cults sacrificed children to their deities. Among this they would drink their blood to purify themselves, since a child is considered purity, innocence and physical/energetic rejuvenation.  

On the other hand, many witchcraft and shamanic rites sacrifice animals for different spells, usually to invoke Satanic Deities. 

Gods Hungry for Blood

Mayas and Incas sacrificed people to their Gods, not only by bleeding them, but also by extracting their hearts, since the heart is also considered the engine of life. With these sacrifices they asked their Gods for mercy, rain during times of drought, better hunting and protection against the enemy. 

The Christian God

The Christian and Catholic god also demanded blood as a token of love for him, generally in this sacrifice a lamb was offered as a symbol of the son or Christ. Although nowadays, it has taken a more peaceful and conscious course on the part of the believers, nevertheless, there are many ramifications of this religion, that in hiding still offer this type of sacrifices. 

Other better known religions have a certain similarity in these sacrifices.

There are many myths and legends that have a similar bloody sacrificial nature as if we were talking about the same bloodthirsty god.

The Blood Pacts

Apparently blood was and is not only important for sacred rituals, but also has a deep meaning in the human psyche when making any contract. Hence the saying ''The blood pact''. Any contract signed with blood has an unbreakable nature, since you commit to fulfill this contract with your life, this is the pact. Generally, these contracts were with the Devil, however, between people it was also common to sign them, thus demanding compliance. 

Blood Brothers

That if, if the brothers are of the same father and mother, already by general sense genetically they are blood brothers, nevertheless, if they are not brothers of the same genetics and they want to become blood brothers to treat and to take care of each other for life, they would make a cut in the right hand both and they would give each other this hand committing this brotherhood for life. This, yes, is a rather psychological commitment, ranging from conscious to subconscious. 

Water and Blood

Two very sacred and vital liquids are water and blood. While blood is attributed with sacred and esoteric power, water is life in its pure state and contains information still unknown to human beings. Blood itself is water with its particular components to fulfill bodily functions of the living being. 

The Most Important Liquid of All: WATER

If blood is water with the components which makes it so, and given the worship of blood, in the background we talk about water. (In previous post we talked about the power of water and its memory.) In itself is the water that contains magic within itself. This liquid that abounds on our planet and that we waste it left and right without any importance, we create a lousy energy state for this valuable liquid. And not only when we ingest or use it, but also inside our body.

The Quality and Structure of Blood

The structure of blood changes when the energy of water is altered. We know practically nothing about this liquid, only that it hydrates us. However, many very ancient cultures did have somewhat more notions. They knew that water is death and life in the same liquid, it is sickness and health, it is happiness and misfortune, and so on. And there is a procedure of correct recharge of energy of this water, to consume it or to use it. Improperly prepared water is sickly and even deadly.

Program the Water, you Will Program the Blood

As you already know that water has to be programmed to serve us, we are talking that we will have a direct impact on our blood. Every glass of water that is taken with gratitude, we improve the quality of our blood, and in turn of the whole organism. Since the power of thought and word are vibrations that have a direct impact on the structure of our liquids. 

All blood rituals, in themselves are water rituals, but with its components that affect our psyche, because if we see blood in a container, what we remember is pain and suffering and this generates a very strong energy state and not exactly positive. 

Pain and Suffering is What is Offered to the Gods

All rituals are based on altering the psyche of the human being. If you offer a glass of water to the gods as an offering, it is a positive sensation, it does not produce fear and at the same time it does not subject to docility and submission, on the contrary.  But when you offer blood, what is really offered is pain and suffering, that is, dense and very low energetic vibrations, the human being is positioned on a lower scale and servitude.

Any type of blood sacrifice cannot be compatible with the infinite love of a good God, on the contrary.

We Recommend to Worship Water

Purify the water, speak to it well, thank the Universe or your Gods for it. Offer to your Deities a glass of purified water filled with love energy. Water must be treated well, if you want it to heal you and improve your lives. Remember that even in certain religions above the importance of blood is the sanctified water, it is more powerful, as it is the essence of life itself

May evil not enslave you, may everything that surrounds you be energy of Love.