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Books of Magical Knowledge: The Grimoires

The Grimoires are books of occult knowledge, magic, spells, astrology, lists of angels and demons, instructions for witches, and all kinds of writings for both witchcraft, magic and alchemy. We do not consider that they are bibles of demons, nor evil books, they are scriptures with different esoteric and alchemical knowledge and it is up to the reader alone how this knowledge is to be used. We have called this blog The Grimoires Corner, because Science, Magic and Mystery emerge here, which today is very cornered by current thinking. The Pleasure of Knowing We want the reader to feel comfortable, at ease, and also identified with the exposed information, using the simplest and most understandable terminology for all groups and all ages. We hope that each content is to your liking and leads to well-founded explanations and links to the origin of the information when it comes to data and not so much personal opinion. In The Grimoires Corner, we want to offer the reader different points of view of any mysterious phenomenon that may arise, uniting the two sciences, Hermetic Science and Current Science. 

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In addition to articles, here you will find the library with books and other documents freely downloadable in digital formats. Also products we recommend from affiliate programs, that for your purchase will not incur any additional cost, but it helps us that the blog continues to exist and can offer the best for its reader.

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The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.

''Albert Einstein''