Your Limiting Beliefs are hurting You

Your Limiting Beliefs are hurting You

And if everything around you, everything you know, everything you talk about and are, are your beliefs. And I will tell you, yes, they are, and they are limiting and they are hurting you a lot. 
From the time we are born, we are subjected to many positive and negative influences, thus forming our character and personality. Emotions let us know if a situation is going well or badly and paint a map of your reality in the subconscious. In fact, most of us don't even realize when an experience developed some concept of something, and worst of all, our mind takes this concept as our own, just like when you know that something is your property, a house, car, jewel, and you will defend it to death if necessary. 

Scientists have already demonstrated that our beliefs, our faith and concepts stimulate the same part of the brain, as they do when we think of our material properties. A concept implanted in our mind, is a personal property that is not touched, not disrespected, not discussed..., since that is you. So, any attempt to contradict your beliefs, is basically the same as contradicting your existence as you know yourself, as if it were taking away your life, and of course that causes fear, anger, rage, feeling of loneliness and loss, it is taking away something of yours, of your property. 
For this reason, fans of sports games such as soccer, for example, fight to the death, religious people may burn pagans at the stake, or commit suicide themselves for the name of God, and all these barbarities such as racism, holocaust, political fights, nothing more than actions due to the blindness of limiting beliefs

Ethos, Pathos, Logos

Science has also shown that this rootedness to belief generally consists of the first information received that convinces and stimulates emotions. And this event produces the effect of belonging to such an extent, that even with the second scientifically proven information, or absolute proofs, the first concept cannot be taken away. Look at the cases of religious fanaticism. Or when people say, I am like this, and nothing and no one will change me. 

But what speaks this way is fear, because changing your personality is to leave the comfort zone, the space you already know and enter a foreign and unknown field. And as we know, that living beings, in a foreign space, do not feel safe, and the human, more than everything, the unknown produces fear, adrenaline and stress, and all this makes, that stays with ''an old devil known, that with the new to know''.

When there is acceptance of any belief or concept, it is because it is reinforced with ETHOS, PATHOS or LOGOS.  

  •  Ethos is personal credibility, the faith people have in our integrity and competence. It is the confidence we inspire, our emotional bank account. 
  •  Pathos is the empathic side, the feeling. It means that one is aligned with the emotional impulse of another person's communication. 
  •  Logos is the logical, reasoned side of the exposition.

This article carries some ETHOS that you surely already identified, here where I say (Scientists have already shown that our beliefs<...> when we think about our material properties), this makes the post quite credible and the statement provable. It may entail PATHOS, if I as a writer or person, in case you know me, you like me or you like me, in this case my words will generate emotional trust and in turn belief; and LOGOS, all those parts of the text that generate coherence (when you say, this is by logic). With this I have managed to generate a whole belief about what I wrote. I appealed not only to your mind, but also to your emotions (I try to keep it all positive and honest).

Beliefs are not set in stone

Now, after explaining how the birth of beliefs works, the article already takes on a new color, maybe some doubts and perhaps mistrust. In fact, my intention was just this, to be able to demonstrate that the beliefs are not at all immovable, nothing more that one should put a little effort, to get out of comfort to see the world in automatic pilot mode, but to begin to question, if all that you think, feel or believe is you, or someone to whom it interests that you think this way.

These concepts of ETHOS, PATHOS AND LOGOS have been known for many years thanks to Aristotle, and were used, by church, by aristocrats, by politicians, by celebrities, by advertising before and much more now, etc., and all this to move masses of people, to mold their thoughts and beliefs as they want. 

As I have told you, the curious and particularly difficult case is to be able to change once the beliefs are implanted, even though you can demonstrate using all the senses we know, all the new scientific research, even using logic itself, the brain grabs the first information that it assumed as real, and puts a thousand chains, and almost nothing and nobody can change it, since this person, victim of his beliefs, would be abandoned in ignorance, and this is a ''dangerous and evil'' area. 

Now that we know how the birth of our beliefs works, we have to review each one and ask ourselves if we were not really victims of manipulation, and in any case force ourselves to break these chains, letting in new possibilities of concepts, since it is the only way to grow, to not limit ourselves before God, Chaos or Universe, to be able to help us to be better, and most of all, to be free.

Here I leave you to reflect on some Ethos, Pathos and Logos that are usually used since our childhood and that marked how we are now (break those that hinder and limit you) 

"The boys don't cry", "You will always get what you set your mind to", "You have to work hard to earn your bread", "You are a disaster", "Your happiness is our happiness", "You can't trust anyone", "All rich people are thieves", "When you get married you lose your freedom", "You can't trust men", "You should be more feminine", "Dirty laundry is washed at home", "This hurts me more than it hurts you", "You have to put up with it", "Scientists say this is healthy", "Priests and church fathers are closer to God", "Nuns are holier than we are" etc. 

“ Your beliefs are not made of realities. It is your reality that is made up of beliefs” 

Richard Bandler