Changing bad habits in 21 days

How to develop new habits in 21 days and finally change your life?

I know, it sounds very illusive and unlikely. However, these are enough days for the beginning of the change in your life, since in those days we will create the habit we need for the change to start. 

Okay, you have already read a lot about it, and well, you are still at the point where you started, without hardly changed something, something does not work, and you are already tired of reading so many teachings and articles that promise to change your life, body and economy and nothing, or worse, you are worse and even older. The years are not forgiving. 

Stop for a while and take a deep breath. Look around you and tell me what you have and what you don't have. Great, I realize you don't have more stuff than you have. And if I tell you, it will always be like that, you will always not have more things than you will have, despite getting everything you want. You know why, because from a very young age, we have been taught to concentrate on our wants and not possessions, and hence poverty, because poor thinking attracts more poverty. The same with beauty, and health, and...a thousand other things, we have self-destructive minds. 
 Now I want you to close your eyes and think of all that you do have. You have shoes, clothes, bicycle, car, you rent a house, you have your own house, whatever, but it is in your possession. Think about your body, you walk, you see, you hear, you can move your arms, and you like your eyebrows, your legs, whatever, think about it, think about health, that you still have, you are not agonizing with pains, you do not have strange attacks, ... you are not dying yet (that is good). 

Well, that thought should have been instilled in us from a very young age; however, they told us, you need that, we lack that, you lack that, look at your partner who is more skilled and how handsome he is, he looks like a little angel blah-blah-blah. In short, they have discarded us as we are and have put us in a mold of what we will have to be. Now that you are grown up, you almost have no remedy, since your neurons repeat this lesson every day, and here I think I will clarify the reason for this lump in your throat and all the worldly complexes you have, from beauty, health or economy. 

First let's get rid of that lump in the throat. 

The remedy is there, that is the magic of sorcerers and witches in their due time, and now discovered and proven science, it is your mind and the perception of everything around you. The only thing that has molded you, is your concept and perspective, not your life, not your economy, not your beauty, not your health.  Think that you have the opportunity to start from your possession and not lack. You are very suggestible and autosuggested. But tshshshshs, it has remedy. 

If you really want to be rich, start reflecting that you have more than those who do not have all this, and that you can have much more still. Start from your holdings.  Difficult truth, but you have to do it, it is the only way. 21 days reflecting in this way, since it is the time in which neurons create new routes for synapses and can automate the path, that is, your thoughts. 

Only 21 days and your life is transformed 

Your life is transformed, because your mind is transformed, the neuronal structure, you begin to see everything quite differently. 

Toward new life

Choose a habit to introduce to your life, something simple, something that motivates you a lot, something that generates emotions. Do not cover yourself with many, only with one habit. Because the brain is very lazy, it doesn't want change and will put up a lot of resistance, it always does to something new in its routine. It is well in its comfort zone, it already knows everything, so why the uncertainty. Moreover, if you subject him to so many things, he collapses. Start with just one thing. 

The first 3 days to a week, perhaps, you will be introducing the new quite easily, as excitement and motivation still lingers. Once you get into a so-called routine (which is not yet), the endorphins and dopamine (happiness hormones) go down and you are left with only the willpower to keep going. And that's where it gets complicated and most people give up. What happens is that first week you sow the seed of habit, with all the fertilizer that is the emotion, but then is the real work, take care of it and water it until the roots come out and then the small and tiny seedling, that if you keep taking care of it, it will grow bigger and bigger, until it becomes a strong tree. It is then that the habit ceases to be what it is and becomes the character of your personality. 

1. Choose a habit

2. Sow the seed of the habit with motivation and emotion.

3. When the emotions subside, apply willpower, you only have two weeks or so left. 

4. At the end, enjoy the automation of new habituated attitudes. 

After that time, when you realize that you do it without effort, and even without thinking, the neural pathways and the new habit neurons themselves have already developed and do it all for you. You will have achieved your goal. Your brain structure has changed, you are no longer the same as before. Now it's time to start planting another seed. 

You will say, but one by one it will take a long time to change all the ones I want; however, it is not like that. When you develop the first habit, the second one will be easier, the third one already next to the fourth and even easier, in the end you will start developing them at the speed of Fibonacci sum and that is a lot. 

So, you realize that it is your mind that makes magic and basically nothing is impossible for it. Don't work for your mind, let your mind work for you. 

Change your life, as you deserve the best