Charged Water

On January 19, all of the water on Earth will experience a brief magical transformation. Even the most severe illnesses are said to be cured by this water. Associate Professor Jonas Dainauskas, a doctor of technical sciences, said this. Three times a year, on the evenings of January 19, February 15, and June 24, water develops a particular power under the influence of the universe's energy currents. Although many people think it's unlikely, the scientist based his conjectures on the fact on the findings of three years of investigation.

Turns Into Living Water

J. Dainauskas decided to look into the mechanism of this energy transition after reading about it for the first time in a Russian newspaper. The researcher evaluated the energy of water samples collected on the evenings of January 19, February 15, and June 24 during a three-year period using biolocation methods.

J. Dainauskas observed that the water's energetic qualities grew for around 1.5 hours while being observed every 10 to 15 minutes. Up until around seven in the morning, the water structure of maximum energy was maintained.

Russian scientists have also used unusual equipment to undertake this type of research. They noted that, in terms of energy information, the characteristics of this water match those of live tissue. 

According to the doctor of technical sciences, the many people consider to be magical phenomenon can be explained scientifically. The Earth travels through some fields in its orbit, where the currents have an impact on it.

Could You Heal?

"I saw during the testing that alterations are not limited to the water's structure. In nature, strong bioenergetic processes are in motion "J. Dainauskas remarked. The energy of the entire planet shifts at that time, along with its energy structure, and the geopathogenic zones shift from negative to positive.

Because of this, the water's characteristics likewise alter. He becomes dozens of times more energetic. Such water has a beneficial impact on a person's health, recharging all energy centers and enhancing psycho-emotional state. According to J. Dainauskas, even those with the most severe illnesses can occasionally be treated by using water with a changed structure.

Any water, whether from the sea, lake, river, or faucet, develops magical characteristics for a short while. J. Dainauskas made fun of the fact that alcohol has magical properties at that time.

The scientist hasn't yet performed any tests to see how such a "magic drink" impacts a person, though.

It Preserves Data

According to the study, water molecules can store information, therefore even a single drop of alive water introduced to a container of regular water can completely alter its composition. This implies that we can continually expand our supplies of freshwater.

J. Dainauskas observed that the myths of the Baltos also make reference to the extraordinary qualities of water. It was thought that taking a bath on June 24th night would have magical effects on the person. Orthodox Christians link these dates to the life of Christ: Christ was baptized on January 19, according to the traditional calendar. 40 days after his birth, Christ was led to the Synagogue on February 15.

Scientists have discovered that water is a living thing with memory and healing properties.

Water Memory

A few years ago, Emoto Masaru, a Japanese scientist, revealed startling findings: water is capable of absorbing, storing, and transmitting information about its surroundings. The water "writes" information into memory packets formed by groupings of its molecules. Up to 440 thousand plates of information can be found in a single molecule. Positive information gives the water healing characteristics, while negative information gives it poisonous properties. According to scientists, words of love and gratitude have a good impact on the structure of water, whereas words of hate and indifference have the opposite effect. The American professor R. Rojus concurs with E. Masaru's assertions. The cumulus clouds, according to him, are an aquatic neurological system with memory.

Water Memory

There are Confirmations in The Legends

J. Dainauskas suggests to pay attention to the days mentioned: use tap water in every way possible, including washing dishes, bathing, and drinking.

A person who takes a bath with even a modest amount of magical water finds himself in a powerful energy flow and is surrounded by warmth and freshness. J.Dainauskas recalls that "even in the tales of the Baltic peoples, it is mentioned that bathing on the night of June 24 has a magical influence on a person, explaining the reasons for this remarkable phenomena. The dates mentioned were ones he himself had received from a Russian news booklet. Moscow experts used specialized equipment to study the water and discovered that its characteristics, spectra, and structure match those of live tissue in terms of energy information.

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Date of Christ

Orthodox believers, according to J. Dainauskas, relate these date of Christ: Christ was baptized on January 19, according to the ancient calendar. 40 days after his birth, on February 15, Christ was taken into the Synagogue.

"As a physicist, I put out the hypothesis that, on some days, as the Earth orbits the sun, it reaches particular structures of energy fields and is pierced by their flows. There is no definitive answer to the question of whether Jesus' baptism was a cause or an effect, according to J. Dainauskas.

“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.” — Loren Eiseley