Human Egocentrism 

Human beings have, in general, a tendency to be egocentric. Throughout history he has constantly believed himself to be the center of the universe, in one way or another. He has even come to believe that the entire universe and the cosmos has been designed with his comfort and progress in mind.

It is incredibly conceited to believe that the vastness of creation exists solely to serve humankind.

We shall learn that there are numerous beings in nature, and that each of them has its own existence and goals, via methodical observation without too many preconceptions. But there is an interaction, a magnificent coordination within that, which is typically only disrupted by the human person we are speaking of because of some really dubious motivations.

Life is everywhere

We do not need to assume that the other stars and even galaxies do not include additional beings, perhaps in different forms but beings that experience life similarly to us, just as there are many different living things on earth.

We can also see that laws apply to everyone, not just to men. For instance, there are many others, like the law of gravity. Even more delicate principles could be extrapolated, such as the psychic ones that provoke anxiety in both humans and animals.

The Cosmos, a Giant Being

Cows were treated as symbols of the universe in both Egypt and India. For them, the universe was a "great living being." The cow's organs, anatomy and biological systems represented planets, stars and constellations.

The Cosmos, a Giant Being

Gaia, a figure from ancient Greece, serves as a metaphor for the vast organism we have been discussing. The idea of a universe made up of interconnected components that go by the same laws as "The Whole" and that these laws are the same ones that people follow can be seen across myths.

You are more than just a body

The Soul is a different matter altogether. Do we alone have the privilege of owning something that is not material? How depressing and meaningless would be a life devoted to eating, dressing, having fun, and, above all, solving issues—many difficulties that, in the end, would lead us nowhere—if we do not have anything that transcends matter.

In nature, everything has a purpose, a why, a what for, and a meaning. If there is a cosmos, there must be a purpose for it. And if Man is inside of him, he must have a purpose.  Maybe someday we will have the answer.

You are Cosmic Consciousness

On the other hand, there is a very interesting and quite probable metaphysical theory, since the cosmos is part of us and we are part of the cosmos, consciousness would be one. 

A drop of Ocean is still ocean but in its infinitely tiny size, and when it separates from the immense source from which it comes, sooner or later it rejoins, forming a single piece. 

So is our consciousness. When the human being is born, his consciousness is a drop of infinite Ocean, and after death this consciousness joins the consciousness of the ''Whole'', but already with more experience. 

You live to capture experiences

If so, we have to understand that everything that surrounds us is the same consciousness, that is, you are the Universe and the Universe is you. When we die, we reincarnate in different times and in different people or beings, to live the experiences and learn. This is how the "Whole" grows.

When you love someone, you love yourself. When you treat someone badly, you treat yourself badly, because the whole living being is you reincarnated in infinite different versions. 

The universe or cosmos grows from the infinite experiences of your lives. The good and the bad is your experience, it is the experience of the Cosmos or the Whole.

Cosmic consciousness is interested in building and destroying when necessary. Good attitudes, high energetic vibration is constructive, bad attitudes are destructive and are of very low vibrational frequency

Talking about Universal laws. Balance

The good and the bad are necessary, but the bad will always be destroyed to make way for the construction of something better.  This would be the evolution of ''Whole'' or yourself. 

From this metaphysical theory, we can understand, that it is of utmost importance to be constructive, and to treat everything and everyone well, as this is directly addressed to us. 


''Love the everithing as you love yourself''