The evil eye is a power of the gaze to hurt the other person out of enmity or even love. The victim after the spell feels exhausted and weakened. 

We will analyze the details about this cultural manifestation, including whether it is a disease or a superstitious belief.

Where does the evil eye come from?

The idea first appeared in the Middle East and then spread around the world. Historians S. Langdon, L. Moss and S. Cappannari agree that some deities were considered to be beings capable of casting the evil eye.

However, according to researcher J.M. Roberts, some - or perhaps all - humans harm other living beings with their gaze. Generally, the evil eye is related to envy.

In their essay evil eye as disease: elitelore and folklore in Latin America, Argentine anthropologists Anatilde Idoyaga Molina and Mariano Gancedo point out that while in Latin America it is considered a "folkloric" or cultural disease, in Europe and the Middle East it is thought to be "a power to harm".

Who is capable of using the evil eye?

Anthropologists point out that the "evil gazers" can be not only people, but also animals, gods and even inanimate objects.

In addition to flattery, thought, breath and physical contact, harm can also be done with the gaze. 

You are vulnerable to "watching" and "being watched", with the desire to meet the loved one, due to feelings of love and affection. Although considered "involuntary", this evil eye is caused by thought.

Anyone can "cast the eye", as jealousy is very powerful, but ethnology experts clarify that envy alone is insufficient. "Being stronger than the victim energetically" is a requirement for the one who casts the evil eye.

Vulnerability in the face of the force of the gaze

Understanding the interaction between the peeping tom and his potential victims requires looking beyond the strength/weakness opposition. Children and adolescents are more vulnerable to experiencing the effects of the evil eye, as they have not reached their full potential in terms of physical and spiritual development.

Idoyaga Molina and Gancedo point out that since adults have "a certain amount of energy or power," it can change. Stress and illness can weaken a person.

Treatment and defense against the evil eye 

The evil eye, which anthropologist George Murdock considers a witchcraft tactic, can be avoided, but apparently is not so simple to cure. Non-witchcraft cases, however, do have remedies. 

There are natural cures for the ''evil eye'', such as passing it over the body and then breaking it in a glass of water. This reflects harmful energies present. More on this technique later.

Other suggestions include filling a glass of water and changing it every night near the bed where you sleep. Quartz and bracelets are useful in daily life. To maintain a balance of your energies, meditate as well. As a last resort, find out who are the bad guys who are watching you and avoid them.

Using an egg in a glass of water, you can determine if you have an evil eye or other harmful energy.

Learn how to detect the evil eye with this simple technique, as well as how to banish it using just an egg and some water.

You've probably heard of the evil eye or how someone's bad luck started when someone cast something similar on them at some point in their life. This is because their body was suddenly invaded by bad energies.

Although there are many techniques to purge unwanted energies, using an egg in a glass of water is one of the most appealing and popular.

Symptoms of the evil eye

The following signs of the evil eye or the presence of negative energy in the body are:

  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • fever
  • weight loss
  • insomnia or strong desire to sleep
  • severe headache, especially around the eye area
  • depression
  • fatigue

Knowing if someone has the evil eye and how to treat it can be crucial for all of these reasons. No one wants to experience the symptoms of this ailment or have negative energy within them.

The most popular technique for doing this is to simply put an egg in a glass of water.

There are simply three basic components you need:

  • 1 red or white egg (preferably white).
  • A clear glass (no figures)
  • Water

A glass of water and an agg in it will cure the evil eye: Step by Step

The person being treated should run the egg all over his or her body, from head to toe. It is crucial to imagine how the energy moves from the body to the egg when the egg is passed.

The next step is to break the egg and pour its contents into a glass of water after having given it to the person who detects negative vibrations. Wait for a while. It will be the interpretation that can be made based on what happens with the egg in the glass of water.

What does the egg in a glass of water imply?

Although the procedure for treating the evil eye with an egg in a glass of water is really simple and straightforward to perform, there are numerous possible interpretations. To consider this form of explanation, yes or yes, one must believe in what this ritual can reveal about the individual, contrary to the adage "believe it or bust".

Here are some of the more typical interpretations or meanings

If you notice that the egg is overcooked or if it forms a sort of blanket when you pour it into the glass of water, something bad is happening or about to happen. In this situation, it will be vital to determine if someone is acting negatively towards the individual you wish to cleanse in some way.

Negative charge: If, after placing the egg in a glass of water, small bubbles begin to appear around the yolk or bubble upward, this may indicate a significant concentration of negative energies. In that case, whether the answer is affirmative or negative, it will be necessary to look for alternatives to quickly purify the organism.

Conversely, if the egg yolk contains images, such as those of a human or an animal, it indicates that the person is extremely anxious or worried. If it is a person, it could indicate that the person performing the ritual is the object of envy; however, if it is an animal, it is important to examine recent dreams to determine what is really troubling.

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Provocations: If a mantle emerges covering the yolk, which is also a negative aspect, it indicates that someone is bothering and harassing that person.

Alert: When cleaning with the egg, be on the lookout for red and black spots that could indicate the presence of a disease. It is always best in that situation to talk to a doctor and undergo the normal tests.

Body wasting: On the other hand, if there are figures curling up inside the egg, the person who did the ceremony needs to rest more because this is a definite sign of physical discomfort, agony or wear and tear.

Black magic: It is believed that a person is a victim of black magic if the yolk sinks to the bottom of the glass when the egg is broken and then rises or stays in the center after touching the bottom, it will be evident that someone is practicing witchcraft.

Egg with the evil eye in a glass of water

To correctly identify the evil eye in a glass of water one must carefully examine the yolk as it floats in the water. If it begins to fog up and has many peaks and bubbles, that individual is being the victim of an evil eye product that was provided to them.

Therefore, after it has been determined whether the evil eye needs to be treated, it is absolutely essential to administer a cure. Some, supposedly quite effective, have been used from generation to generation. 

3 home treatments for the evil eye

1. With holy water: which can be obtained in church or blessed before use by saying a series of prayers. It is simply required to consume at least 10 gulps and bathe with it to perform the rite of internal purification.

2. With sea salt: Salt has the power to ward off bad luck and attract prosperity. Therefore, it will only be necessary to soak the head and neck before taking a bath, adding a small amount of sea salt to the water. However, one or several immersion baths can also be taken after adding salt to the bathtub.

3. Use newspaper: For this ritual, you will need the help of another person to cleanse your aura. However, it is extremely simple. To get rid of bad energy, simply rub the newspaper all over your body before burning it. Under no circumstances keep the newspaper after the treatment, burn it right away.

May every evil eye in your life go blind.