Not all humans on earth have souls, and neither do most extraterrestrials. So says Chemistry Professor and Ufologist Corrado Malanga. 

This professor, with several decades of research on ufology, shakes the scientific community with his discoveries and affirmations.

The man and the human being are not the same

Man is made up of three parts:

  • Body
  • Mind
  • Spirit

While the human being is made up of four parts

  • Body
  • Mind
  • Spirit
  • Soul

The planet abounds with 80% soulless men while human beings are only 20%.

The rulers, the elite, and the oppressors who are generally at the top of the pyramid, are soulless men.

And how do we distinguish them?

The people with soul follow a common pattern of behavior:

  • They hate rules
  • They are creative
  • They are not interested in power and don't focus on the money
  • They tend to be anarchic
  • They do not seek promotion through the social ladder in order to govern
  • They tend to have a strong outward awareness and empathize with the environment.

The soulless man is no different from soulless extraterrestrials, since they have little consciousness of themselves as such, therefore their main motive is to achieve eternal life, at least in the body they know. 

The Universal Consciousness

It is understood that our Universe is the creation of the consciousness of the Whole, and was built to learn what it did not know. It is constantly learning and growing. This total consciousness does not know the meaning of being born and dying. The only way to discover it is to undergo the experience of being born, living and then dying. 

Soul beings know by intuition that this is so, and no other religious dogma to the contrary fits them; it simply does not fit their with own logic, and this logic comes from their consciousness.

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To follow or not to follow the rules?

Soulless people are faithful followers of the rules, because they are afraid of dying. But beings with a soul inside know that they are eternal, they are afraid to suffer yes, but they are never afraid to die. 


Rules are necessary for the soulless, because they need to identify themselves among the masses, to be recognized and accepted; in fact they need to know that their thinking is aligned with that of others alike, since they tend to a hive mind, like bees or ants. They need to be in a space that they can control and easily know, thus enclosing themselves in limited dimensions. Because if something is not under their control, they are frightened. 

While the human with a soul does not need recognition or acceptance from others, it only flows forward in consciousness, without enclosing itself, it knows that it is part of nature and will always be like that. They know that they do not need to control anything, everything is already organized and balances itself. The only thing that interests them is to have experience and grow in consciousness. 

Your soul is very valuable and they know it and fear it

Now it has to be understood that your soul, your spirit, your mind and body are your one and only in this dimension. It is not something separate.  It is not correct to say, I have a soul, when you must understand that you are the soul, and also the spirit and the mind, all this is one. 

However, you as a soul are too valuable and powerful, but also good, as the only power you are interested in is that of experience, of creation and balance, at least this is the consciousness you have. Your soul vibrates at such a high frequency that it looks static (the investigations of other ufologists and analysts). However, no one can touch it without being fulminated, except you, since it is pure energy and as we have said, eternal. 

They want you to reincarnate after you die

Alien abductions are mostly based on the interest of our soul, to extract it and use it for their purposes, to achieve immortality of their biological bodies, and possibly even manufacture technologies and weapons. The soul of the human being has too much value for them, that is why they try that souls reincarnate after death, to continue having accessibility to this practically divine source. 

 Excerpt from the movie ´´Proximity´´ ...We are interested in your aura...

 Have you ever wondered why the extraterrestrials are still avoiding us, despite the fact that we have known they exist for many years? What are they hiding from? Yes, they are more intelligent, more advanced and more in everything. If they are bad, why don't they colonize us yet? If they are good, why don't they come to educate us to take care of the nature that we destroy? (Come on sure!!!???, they don't want to interfere in the law of not interfering in natural cycles).

What if they are really afraid of us?

Allusion to a couple of hypnosis sessions of Corrado Malanga

The NO!
To a woman apparently abducted in her past, during hypnosis, Corrado asks her where she is, and she answers that, in a room with some beings, gray, apparently. They want to do something to her, but she refuses. The beings insist, they are going to introduce objects into her body. This woman, instead of fear, begins to feel fury and an immense power that comes out of it, she does not understand what it is, but ends up pronouncing a firm ''NO! I FORBID YOU TO TOUCH ME'', and for some reason, these beings stop, and move away, put down their tools. Woman describes that she could feel their fear, they were afraid of her all of a sudden

A man, who also according to him was abducted, something similar happens. Some beings paralyze him from body to head, and the man can only see and feel. Seeing these beings approaching with sinister intentions, the victim feels totally helpless to protect himself, and this causes him a very strong fear. He is paralyzed, but he feels everything. The fear increases so much that it finally crosses the barriers and turns into a fury he has never experienced before. He notices that his body enters a strange heat, and then suddenly realizes that he fulminated everything around him. Most of the aliens were left in ash.  

Energy, vibrations and frequencies

In many articles we talk a lot about universal vibrations. The present science only knows those that it can measure, and all the rest ''of infinity'' is ignored. And since they ignore it, they discard it as something possible. Of course, later they come up with many things and hail it as a scientific discovery. 

We know, that even though it does not yet exist for science, these many infinite things and possibilities exist, however you look at it. 

Our body harbors a lot of different energetic frequencies, and maybe even thousands of energies; one of these could very well be the soul, that is you, or him, or both. And, yes, it can be possible that the soul vibrates in such a high frequency that it creates or destroys, and that perhaps it is infinite. Thinking in this way, it would be understood that any other energetic frequency, somewhat denser or more material, will simply be absorbed or destroyed, because of the incompatibility of the frequency tuning. 

What if they are really afraid of us?

As long as we think as material bodies, the aliens will be calm, they know that we are in our ''infancy'' of material and spiritual evolution. We are harmless to them. But under pressure, and very strong emotions such as Love or Rage, something happens to the human being with a soul. These beings lose control over us, and not only can they no longer do anything, they have to protect themselves. 

Could it be the reason why they do not show themselves so much, because they do not colonize us yet, because everything they do, in hiding?

Wake up your conscience and love strong

Nurture consciousness and LOVE in you, and you will not go wrong. These two virtues elevate the vibratory frequency of your energy, and awaken the understanding that you are a ''Being of Light'', not flesh, you are the same consciousness, spirit, mind and soul. You are part of the Whole, and like everything, you are indestructible beyond your material body. 


Remember that the most powerful weapon is LOVE, and you have it at your disposal