Angels vs Aliens: Reimagining Our Beliefs About Celestial Beings

For centuries, angels and archangels have been considered celestial beings who serve God and protect humanity. But what if I told you that there are theories that suggest these beings are not simply mythological figures, but actually extraterrestrials who have been interacting with humans for thousands of years?

The Controversy Surrounding Lucifer

One of the most famous and controversial angels is Lucifer. According to scripture, Lucifer was a bright and powerful angel who defied God's authority and was punished for it. However, conspiracy theories suggest that Lucifer was not an evil being, but rather a bringer of light or revealer of knowledge. According to this theory, Lucifer and a group of angels loyal to him were exiled to Earth, where they could share their knowledge and technology with humanity.

The Theory of Extraterrestrial Angels in Ancient Scriptures and Mythologies

This theory is based on the interpretation of certain ancient scriptures and the belief that humanity has been manipulated and controlled by extraterrestrial forces for thousands of years. According to this theory, the angels and archangels mentioned in ancient religions could be extraterrestrial beings who have been interacting with humanity for a long time.

The Role of Other Angels and Archangels in Conspiracy Theories

Some conspiracy theorists believe that these fallen angels who were exiled to Earth may have helped humanity advance in their technology and knowledge. It is also believed that some of these angels may have become gods and goddesses in ancient mythologies around the world.

Exploring the Possibility of Extraterrestrial Beings as Angels

In addition to Lucifer, there are other angels and archangels that have been mentioned in various religions and ancient mythologies. For example, Michael is an archangel considered the leader of angels in the Christian religion. According to conspiracy theory, Michael could have been an extraterrestrial who came to Earth to help humanity. In Sumerian mythology, a god named Marduk is mentioned, who could be an early version of Michael.

Another angel mentioned in the Bible is Gabriel, who is considered a messenger of God. According to the conspiracy theory, Gabriel could be an extraterrestrial being that has been interacting with humanity for centuries. In Persian mythology, there is a being called Gavriel, which has similarities to the angel Gabriel.

On the other hand, there are also mentioned angels and celestial beings that are considered evil or demons in various ancient religions and mythologies. For example, in the Bible, there is a being called Asmodeus, which is considered a demon. According to the conspiracy theory, Asmodeus could be an extraterrestrial being that has been interacting with humanity for its own evil purposes.

In summary, conspiracy theories about angels and archangels as extraterrestrial beings suggest that these celestial figures may have been misinterpreted by traditional religions, and their true nature could be very different from what has been believed for centuries.

Keeping an Open Mind and Considering the Possibilities

Of course, these theories are highly speculative and lack scientific evidence. However, they remain fascinating and suggest the possibility that there is much more in our universe than we can comprehend. Additionally, these theories invite us to question our beliefs and keep an open mind towards new possibilities and explanations.

Ultimately, we cannot say for certain who the angels and archangels are. But if we consider the possibility that they are extraterrestrial beings, we can open ourselves to a broader and deeper understanding of our world and the universe in which we live.

Future Blog Posts: Examining Religious Viewpoints and Conspiracy Theories

In future blog posts, we will discuss each of the angels and archangels, examining both religious viewpoints and conspiracy theories. The lack of scientific evidence does not mean that it is not true. Someone was investigating and describing it, so it remains a possibility of existing facts, like many other theories that cannot be scientifically proven at the moment.


Every angel somewhere is a devil, every selective being can be hellish. Be aware of your approach and remember that everything said at some point will be contradicted.