Recording that captures sounds of hell in Madrid

The story behind the recording

The Hell Psychophony is a legendary recording in the world of paranormal activity, made in November 1985 by Germán de Argumosa y Valdés, a Spanish professor, philosopher, writer, and researcher. The recording was made in the library of a house in Madrid, after friends told Argumosa that strange things were happening in the room. Despite being skeptical about paranormal topics, he decided to make a psychophony in the library with an unsealed cassette while everyone was out of the room.

The terrifying sounds of the recording

Upon returning and picking up the recorder, Argumosa found that the ten minutes of audio were filled with screams, blows, insults, and strange noises that seemed to come from hell itself. The recording shows shrill sounds, metallic crashes, bells, possible whips or blows with some type of rod, and cries, screams, moans of pain, and voices, some of them clearly intelligible, uttering various insults and threats.
In the recording, a voice is heard saying aggressively "I have you now, Juan" and shortly after "I'll kill you". The recording is so terrible that after its first broadcast on a radio station in Madrid, it was decided not to broadcast it in its entirety again.

The debate over its authenticity

Although the authenticity of the recording has been debated for many years, experts in paranormal activity claim that it is authentic and that it is one of the most terrifying and realistic tapes ever recorded. Despite all the hypotheses put forth, the Hell Psychophony remains a mystery, and no one remains indifferent upon listening to it.

The content of the recording

Regarding the content of the recording, names, insults, and threats have been heard in several different languages. Additionally, some believe that the voices belong to demonic beings or to people who have died and are in hell. However, others argue that it could be radio interference or interference from other electronic devices.

The death of one of the participants

It is rumored that one of the participants died of a heart attack upon supposedly hearing his own drowning death in that psychophony, although there is no concrete evidence to confirm this theory.

In conclusion, the Hell Psychophony is a controversial recording made in 1985 in Madrid by Germán de Argumosa y Valdés. It is believed to contain terrifying sounds from hell, but its authenticity is still debated. While some speculate that the voices belong to demonic beings or the dead, there is no scientific evidence to confirm this. It remains a mystery that continues to fascinate and terrify those who listen to it.

The recording

Next, you can listen to the Hell Psychophony, one of the most terrifying recordings in the paranormal world. Get ready to hear something truly chilling!

The Psychophony Recording

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