Handbags are more than just fashion accessories. The first step is to save money. However, for smart people, it's not just about saving money, it's also about increasing income.

What should the wallet look like?

1) Honorable. A cheap wallet can in no way attract money, as it gives off a spirit of destitution. If there is not enough money, choose a wallet that is in the middle of the price range. The most important aspects are that it looks respectable, evokes images of wealth, and is fairly functional.

2) Generous. In a large wallet, money thrives. Any bill should fit completely without bending, even the largest ones. When larger bills don't fit, what does that mean? It indicates that they won't appear in your wallet because you are unconsciously not anticipating them and don't expect to take them. You need to provide a practical place for both cards and small money.

3) Composed of organic components. Suède or other natural leather wallets are advised since these materials precisely transfer the energy of money. Avoid using artificial materials like polyethylene and its derivatives because they don't transport material energy. Additionally, they obstruct the entry of natural energy because they are manufactured. Therefore, it makes sense to get wallets from reputable retailers rather than from markets, where you could unintentionally purchase faux leather goods in place of genuine leather ones for the same price.

4) The shades of prosperity and money. Feng Shui portfolios are often associated with the colors of wealth, which are various metal and earth tones. These include all the colors of yellow, as well as brown, black, gold and silver. Sound boring to you? But this collection also offers a wide variety of options. What shades to avoid? Fear water tones, because money will flow out of wallets. Colors to avoid are blues and greens!

Should your wallet be cared for to attract money

What to put in the wallet to attract money?

Traditionally, an amount of three to five coins with holes in the center is put in the wallet as a money magnet. By tying the coins with a red ribbon or twisted rope made with thick red threads, you can create a similar bundle of coins on your own with ease. These coins can be purchased at feng shui supply stores if you don't already have them.

Keeping a miniature image of a bunch of grapes, mint leaves or green tea leaves in the wallet is another feng shui suggestion. These foods and plants can enhance the financial prosperity of the wallet owner. The combination of beans and a little cinnamon is also advised, as beans prevent money from evaporating, while cinnamon attracts it. 

A dollar bill kept in the wallet all the time has a strong magnetic attraction to money. Other runes and hexagrams from Eastern culture can also be kept in the wallet. Some people advise keeping some horseradish root in the wallet. The amount of material energy that this root gathers is enormous. Instead of buying horseradish in the market, it is preferable to dig and dry it yourself. You can put a small sprig of heather in the pocket of the wallet.

How should your wallet be cared for to attract money?

Fold the bills in your wallet face up according to their value: place the larger bills first, then the smaller ones. Keep at least one coin in your wallet at all times. Never spend your entire budget. There should always be some money saved for incidentals, preferably enough to pay for a bus ticket.


Photos and trinkets have no place in your wallet. Let your wallet serve simply as a place to keep your money.


“Dare to deserve. Know your own worth.”